Welcome to JyPK-JJK Juniors!

JJK Jyväskylä ry, JyPK ry and JyPK-JJK Juniors ry forms one of the biggest and highest quality football communities in central Finland. Our football community consists of JJK Jyväskyläs ry mens team and JyPK ry womens team and JyPK-JJK Junioris teams which makes us community of 1200 football players. The three club works in cooperation between each other but are financially independent and mutually independent associations.

In JyPK-JJK Juniors there's atleast one competitive team for boys and girls in each agegroup. We also offer low-threshold hobby activities in football for kids from age 2 all the way to 18 years old. Hobby teams are as follows from youngest to oldest: Perhefutis (Family football 2-4 y.o), K Kortteliliiga (5-10 y.o) and Futisklubi (9-18 y.o). We also work in cooperation with Jyväskyläs city and other teams in central Finland.

1)Teams for boys U7-U17

At competitive level JJK juniorit offers different age groups a high standard practice environment. The teams compete in regional and national series of The Football Association of Finland. The players have possibility to build up skills to meet the requirements of national and even international football elite.

If you are interested to join please contact
  • Boys born 2015 or later: Ossi Kaski (in English or in Swedish) ossi.kaski@jjk.fi
  • Boys born 2014-2011: Patrik Färm (in English) patrik.farm@jjk.fi
  • Boys born 2010-2006: Mikko Manninen (in English) mikko.manninen@jjk.fi
Teams - more information (in finnish) https://juniorit.jjk.fi/uutiset/131331/tervetuloa-...

Teams for girls (in finnish) https://www.jypk.fi/

2) Hobby groups for girls and boys

Hobby groups offer a possibility to enjoy football for everyone aged 2-18. The groups don’t compete in official football series. All are welcome to join! Further information and signing up:

Perhefutis 2-4 years olds (finnish)

K Kortteliliiga 5-10 year olds (english)

Futisklubi 9-18 year olds (english)

If you have further questions about our hobby teams, please contact our club coordinator:
Jere Knaapila
jere.knaapila@jjk.fi (english)

3) Football as after school activity

We also organize activities for scholars aged 7-12 at schools around Jyväskylä. For further information please contact your own school.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Ossi Kaski (in English or in Swedish) ossi.kaski@jjk.fi. See you on the field!